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March against Monsanto May 25th, 2013 (by HUMANity21century)

WHY DID TUMBLR NOT TELL ME ABOUT THIS? you guys are always on top of the game. but even though some of us didn’t know the fight still continues. so go to the website and find out what to do.

the media didn’t cover this. but over a million people marched. i know the fitblr community. and i know you guys care! so pass this on. it effect everyone!

obama passed a law protecting companies from the effect other people will have from GMOs. this means that although we have no knowledge of which foods are genetically modified we won’t be able to sue or take the companies to court when we get sick or cancer.

this is a big deal! so tumblr do what you do best!!

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    I’m 90% sure Obama opposed this and it was congress that passed it. Two different entities, people. Obama’s veto CAN get...
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    the point is gmo labeling hurts our economy in ways we can’t even comprehend. and if we were to be honest every crop we...
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    They’re saying two million marched in 67 countries. The world has had enough.
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    This is seriously so important. Take a few minutes and watch this!
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    i understand what you are saying. i just believe that i have the right to know if GMOs are in my food. so that i can...
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